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  Anthony Hannigan and Vassar
The San Juan  mandolins are simply the best! The tone and feel, new out of the case,  are second to no other I have ever played or heard. The playability is amazing, you will find tone where you never did before on the San Juan mandolin. I have had mine (old number 7) in Alps, where its very dry and Key West Fl, where its very humid and moist, and it was right on! No tweaking or having to adjust action for the climate. This is a dream mandolin come true for any serious musician. Bobby's mandolins are exact and consistent, the tone is fitted for any style on genre of music. The sustain is brilliant and I would say its the Lamborghini of mandos...super fast and clean!! Look no further, you should be able to express yourself through your music and the San Juan mandolins let you do just that, you just have to hang on and drive! Did I mention that Bobby is a genius? Its true Anthony Hannigan, The Hickory Project